Barangay Demographic Profile is a set of information gathered on the basis of statistical studies pertaining to the characteristics of the various inhabitants of the Barangay. It can analyze the Barangays population dynamics in terms of size and structure by determining changes in birth, death, migration and ageing in a certain period of time. However, as matter of framework in efficient Barangay Governance, a Barangay Demographic Profile does not only consist on statistics about population alone but it also considered statistics on various facilities available in the barangay such as service facilities, commercial establishments, public and private transport, water and electric supply, road network, garbage collection system, peace and order, disaster risk reduction and vulnerability management, barangay projects and barangay geographical map. These data are gathered in an orderly and procedural manner by application of the so called Enumeration Process. A Barangay Demographic Profile is very significant in the socio-economic and political affairs of the barangay in relation to the various government agencies in terms of support and in the preparation of the annual budget plan.

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