Year Internal Revenue Allotment Outsource Fund/ Donation/ Trust Fund and Others Annual Budget Expenditure Balance
2017 1,229,524.00 0.00 1,229,524.00 0.00 1,229,524.00
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Punong Barangay
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay
Mobile: 09198284935
Passed Ordinances: 1
Passed Resolutions: 1
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Roberto S. Toriaga
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Copmmittee on Environment & Agriculture
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Salvacion F. Fordelon
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sanggunian Barangay Committee Chairman on Peace & Order

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Rogelio F. Perol
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Committee on Appropriation
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Amelia G. Belga
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Committee on Social Welfare Development & Health
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Emelia G. Labay
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Committee on Education

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Ricardo E. Freza
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Committee on Infrastructure
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Wilson M. Gallanosa
Barangay Kagawad
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay Committee on Brgy. Affair & Public Information
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Rosela G. Toriaga
Barangay Secretary
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay
Mobile: 09509208410

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Reynalda G. Genodipa
Religious Sector Representative
Committee: NGO
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Rafael F. Perol
Barangay Treasurer
Committee: Sangguniang Barangay
Mobile: 09491152660
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Samson M. Grino
Chief Tanod

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Eduardo G. Perol
Chief Lupon
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Ma. Maira M. Fulgar
Chief BHW



We envision seeing our barangay, as a peace-loving community with responsible people, environmentally friendly and healthy neighborhood, self-reliant people and productive environment.


With a mission of giving good and transparent govvernance to the people and to provide better infrastructure services and a productive community that would eventually be our own dream barangay.


1. Delivery of basic services for safety and security of the barangay.
2. Implement basic services on transparent and reliable govvernance.
3.Private sectors partnering BLGU to response community basic services and needs to answer the needs of thier constituents.
4.Implement volunteerism services to the protection of the environment through eco-solid waste management.
5. Implementation of all Public Rules and Regulations regarding Anti-Illegal Activities.
6. Sustain And Maintain the proper good health condition of all barangay stakeholders.
7. Stakeholders are self-reliant for thier ownself economic development.
8. Implementation of all major public facilities for the development of the barangay project implemetation such as infrastructure, economic and social needs of the people.


MANANGKAS - Legendary name of Barangay La Esperanza
 This named place in 1901 to 1915 is covered almost with virgin forest.
 Species of different big tree trunks
 Various natural born plants could be seen around
 So many wild animals on ground and feathered flocks are living up on the trees branches
 Many different sounds could be heard at nights and days, voices could be heard anywhere a person may wandering.
 Creeks and rivers are rich in fresh water foods, snails, and species of fish and amphibians which can be used as foods.

MANANGKAS - derived from the word Bicol dialect TALKAS means detached or fallen.

• It originated from two big horned boal deers fighting grievously. While those deers were at their grievous fought, its own horns were detached, saw visibly by Juan Merabuna with his two eyes. Aside from that, showed visibly falling of the deer’s horns, anywhere a person may wander in the area could saw or found remnants of it, wild pigs remnants of sharp teeth, wild chicken crawls or fows and bones of unidentified died for long years after leaved on the ground estimated bones of living and died animals.

Projects and Activities

Clean-Up Drive

Conducted Proper Solid Waste Management/Clean & Green Program every last Saturday of the month lead by Punong Barangay

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